St. Albert Soccer Association
61 Riel Drive, St.

Albert, AB T8N 3Z3
Ph: 780.458.8973
Fax: 780.458.8994

Dieter Knobloch Memorial Tournament March 6 - 8, 2020

Welcome! We hope you enjoy the competition and the officiating. Your opinions and feed-back are important to us, both positive and negative, so we hope you’ll take the time afterwards to let us know how we did.
If you have a serious concern to voice . . . we’d appreciate having it in writing so that the appropriate staff member can deal with it properly. Thanks very much!!

Please share this with your players, parents, and spectators. Thanks!

All teams must have a rep check in at HQ prior to their first game
Prior to your first game any roster changes must be handed in at the Tournament headquarters. Please have someone check in to HQ at Servus Credit Union Place and pick up your team’s coupon for a free jug of beer & Skybox coupons.

Tournament HQ is at Servus Credit Union Place, 400 Campbell Road. St. Albert
HQ will open by 18:00 on Friday and then at least 1/2 hour before the first game each day thereafter. Keys for the locker rooms can be found in the door locks. Please ensure that your players retrieve all their belongings after each game and that the locker room is tidy for the next team. Thank you for your help.
Phone # is 780-884-1054 (coaches and managers only please). Email is

One jug of beer
Each team will receive a coupon for a complimentary jug of beer, which can be redeemed at the Skybox Grill,located upstairs at Servus Place, during the tournament.

Referee Liaison Program - Mandatory
As you probably know – referees are disappearing faster than we can train them. No one is willing to stick around just to get yelled at. We will do our part to the best of our ability, but we also insist you do yours. It is MANDATORY for all teams to select a calm and influential player from their team who will assist our refs, if asked, in reminding their sidelines or players to refrain from any kind of verbal abuse. This person is required to introduce themselves to the referee on site and shake hands with the ref before each game.

If you would like us to know about a ref who was great, or a ref who wasn’t, or anything else we could improve on in this tournament, it can be sent to

Rules & Printed Game Sheets
Available on the tournament website.

Amenities at Servus
Thank-you to Skybox Grill for offering each player a coupon for 20% off any appetizer and $2.00 off any jug of beer during the tournament dates. Just give the server your coupon and you will receive the discount. (One coupon per player per order).Booster Juice and Starbucks are on the first level towards the pool. For more information check out the website at


First Aid stations are NOT provided at this tournament.
There will be ice available in the Tournament Headquarters.
Each team will be responsible for its own first aid requirements.

In case of emergency, please phone 911 for ambulatory assistance. Briefly describe accident and injuries and provide location.

For non-emergency medical attention the following medical service facilities are available:

Grandin Medical Clinic
1 St. Anne Street 780-459-5581
Downtown St. Albert, just off Sir Winston Churchill Drive

DX Medical Centre
2520 Tudor Glen 780-705-8400
SW corner of Hebert and St. Albert Rd.

St. Albert Medical Clinic
62 - 143 Liberton Drive 780-460-4562
On Liberton Drive just south of Giroux (Liberton runs parallel to St. Albert Tr.)

Sturgeon Community Hospital
201 Boudreau Rd.
Corner of Boudreau and St. Albert Rd.

Dieter Knobloch Memorial Adult Tournament


Sarasota North
400 Campbell Road
Tudor Glen
400 Campbell Road