1. Official Tournament Registration:

  • All teams are required to enter their team roster as well as their guest player forms at least seven days prior to the start of the tournament. Revisions (if any), must be presented in person prior to the start of their first game to Tournament HQ. Players must be currently registered with their Provincial Soccer Association to participate in this tournament. Each team is permitted unlimited guest players. Guest players must be registered on a Provincial Registration form and must be of the same or lower tier/division/age category that you are entered in for the tournament. Women's & Men's teams are allowed a maximum of two +35 major league guest players on their team. Coed teams are allowed a maximum of one male and one female +35 major league players on their team. Teams using guest players must fill out the guest player form available on the tournament page. All Players must be able to produce picture ID.
  • A maximum of twenty-five (25) players per team will be allowed to register
  • A maximum of 20 players per team will be allowed to dress for any one game.
  • Players must be 16 years of age and older in Men’s & Women’s categories.
  • A game sheet is required for each game. Each team will need to print off their own game sheets from the DK tournament page. Game sheets will be available on the DK schedules by clicking on the icon next to the game that is being played. Please wait until all team’s player’s names have been entered on the website roster before you print off the game sheets. At the end of the game, the referee will enter the relevant information on the game sheets then the tournament staff will collect the sheets.
  • COED: Players must be 17 years of age and older. There must be two female players on the field always, even when a team is playing short; keeper excluded. There is absolutely NO SLIDE TACKLING, even by the keeper. ‘Slide Tackling’ is defined as “A tackle in soccer in which a player attempts to disrupt the play or take possession of the ball away from an opponent with neither foot planted on the ground - sliding with one or both legs extended to block or push the ball away from an opposing player.” The slide tackle is committed against an opponent where the ball is within playing distance. Slide tackling is punished with a caution. The restart is a direct free kick to the opposition from where the offence occurred.
  • No time outs allowed.

2. Schedules:

  • SASA reserves the right to assign any team, to any pool, based on the registrations received for the Tournament.
  • If a team is unable to field a minimum of four players by ten (10) minutes after the scheduled kickoff time, then that team will forfeit the game. The official result of a forfeit is a 3-0 win for the non-offending team, and zero points for the offending team.
  • If both teams are unable to field a minimum required number of players (as stated above) then both teams will be assigned zero points for the game.
  • If a team fails to show for a tournament then the games scheduled for that team will be awarded as 3-0 wins to their opponents. A tournament no-show will result in the forfeit of all registration fees and may affect future participation in St. Albert Soccer Association Tournaments.

3. Equipment:

  • The home team, as identified in the schedule, shall be required to provide a suitable game ball. Each teams' uniform shall be clearly distinguishable from the opposing team. If the referee decides there is a color clash then the home team (as listed in the schedule) will be required to change. All players' jersey numbers must correspond to the numbers on the game sheet.

4. Games:

  • The referee, all of whom will be registered with the Alberta Soccer Association, shall be the sole judge as to whether or not a game can be played as per the scheduled time and venue.


  • Points shall be awarded as follows:
    Result Points
    Win - 3
    Tie - 1
    Win Shut Out - 4
  • All games shall consist of two twenty five minute halves. Each team is guaranteed a two minute break at half time. Warm-up time is usually two to three minutes on the field prior to kickoff (usually determined by the game officials prior to the start of the game – time permitting). This is a boarded 6 V 6, shut out tournament.

5. Protests:

  • Protests must be clearly written and indicate the nature of the protest, all relevant information, and all the parties involved. The coach of the protesting team must sign the protest. A $50 cheque must accompany all protests. Cheque is payable to SASA.
  • No protest shall be heard which is based on a game official's interpretation of the "Laws of the Game”
  • The tournament committee will deal with all valid protests immediately. A decision of the Tournament Committee shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.

6. Policy on dealing with a bloody wound:

  • If bleeding occurs where other participants may be exposed to blood, the individual's participation must be interrupted until the bleeding has stopped. The wound must be cleansed and securely covered before the player may resume playing. The player may only resume playing with the permission of the Referee.

7. Discipline:

  • Each game sheet will be inspected for the "referee's report" and the following minimum discipline shall automatically apply to the people involved:
    • Any player who receives two cautions (i.e. two yellow cards) during a single game shall be suspended for the remainder of that game.
    • Any player who is sent off (i.e. shown a red card, other than by means of a “second caution described in above) shall be suspended for a minimum of one additional game, which shall be served during the following game.
  • After considering the circumstances of a player's dismissal, the disciplinary chairperson will set the length of any additional suspension. Any additional red cards received by the player shall result in their immediate disqualification from further participation in the tournament.
  • If a coach, team official, or team supporter is ordered away from the sideline and/or field, then the coach of the offending team will be notified before the next game if they are required to meet with the Tournament Disciplinary Committee.
  • Referee Liaison Program in effect.
    • It is MANDATORY for all teams to select a calm and influential player from their team who will assist our refs, if asked, in reminding their players to refrain from any kind of verbal abuse. This person is required to introduce themselves to the referee on site and shake hands before each game.
  • Threats and assaults on officials during this tournament will generate an immediate suspension pending the ASA Discipline Committee action in accordance with Rule 9 of the ASA Rules and Regulations.5. Threats and assaults on officials during this tournament will generate an immediate suspension pending the ASA’s Discipline Committee action.

8. Penalty Shootout Procedure:

  • Both teams select three (3) players for the first round. In Coed, one (1) must be female. The coin toss winners to kick first.
  • Kicks are to be taken alternately; the team that scores the most goals shall be declared the winner.
  • If after both teams have taken three kicks, both have scored the same number of goals another different three players will be chosen. Shots will be taken on a sudden death basis until a winner is determined.

9. Round Robin Tie Breaking Procedure:
2 Way Tie Breaking Procedures: Head to head, Goal differential, Most goals for, Least goals against, Penalty kicks.
3 Way Tie Breaking Procedures: Goal differential, Most goals for, Least goals against, Penalty Kicks.

If the teams remained tied after all the above tie breakers have been applied, a three player penalty shoot out will be scheduled to break the tie. If still tied after three players shoot, another different three players are selected to continue on a sudden death basis.
Every player on the team roster (to a maximum of 20) must participate in the shootout as required. Players who do not participate in the shootout may be ineligible for subsequent game(s).
It is a team’s responsibility to know when they are involved in a shootout, and to obtain the time of the shootout from Tournament Headquarters. If you don’t show for your shootout, you will forfeit.
Playoff games tied at the expiration of regular time will go directly to penalty kicks.

10. Other Circumstances:

These rules are intended to be all-inclusive, but on occasion, a situation may arise not covered by these rules. If this should occur, all participants agree to be bound on any decision made by the Tournament Director.

Dieter Knobloch Memorial Adult Tournament


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